Hygieostatic Bat Roost

Marker #2608 – 1981 This shingle style structure was built in 1918 to attract and house bats in an effort to eradicate mosquitoes and thereby reduce the spread of malaria. It was designed for Albert Steves, Sr., a former mayor of San Antonio, by Dr. Charles A. R. Campbell, an authority on bats who had served as the health officer in the same city. Named “Hygeiostatic” by Steves, the bat roost is one of 16 constructed in the United States and Italy between 1907 and 1929. (from Comfort take FM 473 about 1.5 miles E – bat roost is about 400 feet S of the highway)

This is a pyramidal 30 foot tower raised on concrete piers; clad with shingles; elongated louvred dormer. This bat tower was built in 1918 for Albert Steves, a San Antonio businessman and mayor. It was designed by Charles A. R. Campbell. The purpose was to control mosquito-borne malaria with bats. Campbell was a physician and health officer in San Antonio.