...What brought them Where did they come from What did they do Some are pure interesting...

Susan Maguire poem "nobody knows" from "Sit with it"

Ernst Hermann Altgelt

The town of Comfort was laid out by Ernst Hermann Altgelt along the banks of the Cypress Creek above its confluence with the Guadalupe River.


Ida Marie Flach Norman

December 16, 1894 -- August 5, 1987

Ida Marie Flach was the granddaughter of Christoph Flach and Antonie Kapp, and Otto Brinkmann and Marie Osche. All Texas Hill Country founding families. Please visit the Heritage Foundation to see a beautiful tribute about her life. And you can read more here...

Clara Moehring - Comfort

Miss Clara Moehring. Comfort`s female photographer, who operated her photography studio from 1908-1920.

Kaffee Kreis (Coffee Circle)

Kaffee Kreis (Coffee Circle) – Comfort

Comfort’s Kaffee Kreis (Coffee Circle), only members of first families were asked to join. Top row, left to right, Leischen Serger, Toni Flach Brinkmann, Toni Maurhoffer Kott,Toni Flach Ingenhuett. Seated, Agnes Wiedenfeld Doerffler, Anna Meyer Overmann, Ida Flach Ingenhuett, two unknowns, Emmie Kott Below.