History is not a burden on the memory, but an illumination of the soul.

Lord Acton

Cemeteries and cemetery databases can be a great resource for research.

Brownsboro Cemetary

The Comfort Heritage Foundation helps to maintain the Brownsboro Cemetary located on Riverbend Road off the highway from Comfort to Sisterdale.

Additional links from other organizations related to cemetery searching in and around Kendall County:
Cemeteries in Kendall County (Gloria B. Mayfield, East Texas Project Manager)
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Cemetary Location.....
Brownsboro Cemetery On Riverbend Road off the highway from Comfort to Sisterdale
Comfort Cemetery In the town of Comfort
Gaddis Cemetery On a bluff at west end of High Street, Comfort
Sisterdale Cemetery North end of Sisterdale, on property originally owned by August Langbein. Kendall County